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Hey! You have reached Shukaidou Kentarou! Please leave a message after the tone.

Oh and uhm... there was something else I was supposed to--

Oh right!

If you are attempting to contact Duklyon, please contact the
Director General.
If you are trying to get a hold of the Magical Tea Shop in Axoryi, please contact
Duo Maxwell.

That's all!

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Heyyyyy Takepon?

I think my D-Comm thingy is messing up. It has your family name next to my name now. Is yours doing anything funny like that? Probably just a glitch, right?
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[Kentarou is still in the hospital, though he looks decidedly better than when he got there several days ago. He's still pretty heavily bandaged, and for once in his life he actually looks serious about something.]

I didn't introduce myself before.

[he bows his head a little]

I'm Higashikunimaru Kentarou. Back home, I was going to CLAMP School in Tokyo, and I was also part of a defense force for the school, called Duklyon.

There was only Takepo-- ... Takeshi-kun and myself, though. And I'm alone here.

[he goes quiet, eyes to the ground as he thinks of what he wants to say next]

I need training. If Takeshi-kun isn't going to show up, then I can't keep fighting the way I do now...

[he pauses again, rubbing the back of his neck with a bandaged hand while giving the camera a lopsided smile]

I don't usually ask for help, and I'm not the brightest guy in the world, but my partner is pretty worried about me... he talks like tamers are pretty important to Digimon, so I guess I gotta stop doing stupid things like getting my ass kicked, yeah?
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[the comm actually clicks on and off a few times because some one is tapping the 'record' button repeatedly. It does stop long enough to catch a conversation, though.]

Bored... bored... bored...


Soooooo... booooooored...

... maybe we should find something to do, Kentarou?

Like what? There's nothing to do! I can't cook for Takeshi-kun, he's not here! I don't have any money, I don't even have a job! At least if I was at school I'd have something to do! I'm SO BORED!

But you're a super hero! You should be out... hero-ing!

Unless there's some one doing bad evil things, Girupi, I really don't think there's anything for me to hero, either...

Mou... Kentarou... --HEY there's a butterfly on the porch!

[Girupi goes running off, and Kentarou goes back to tapping his finger boredly on the desk]

... bored... bored... bored...

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Yeah, Girupi?

The light on this thing is pretty...


This thing, here!

Oh. … kinda looks like a phone. Weird.


Remember what?

You’re supposed to introduce yourself!

… to who?

People! There’s people all over! You just gotta press this button her--

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This is your standard, typical HMD post for Kentarou Higashikunimaru from CLAMP School Defenders: Duklyon as played by [livejournal.com profile] jenioctavia for the RP community [livejournal.com profile] digital_dive

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"Hey! You've reached Kentarou!"

"And Girupi!"

"We're not here right now, so leave a message!"
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Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- [livejournal.com profile] jenioctavia

Email address- jenioctavia@gmail.com

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- jenioctavia

Character, series- Kentarou Higashikunimaru, CLAMP School Defenders Duklyon*
* They also appear in the CLAMP School Detectives anime (but not the manga) and briefly cross over 20 Mensou ni Onegai as well as appearing in the CLAMP in Wonderland animated short.

Character journal- [livejournal.com profile] duklyon_red

Character type- Main

Digimon partner- Guilmon – Growmon – Meglogrowmon - Dukemon

D-Comm colours/symbol-

Imported from another RP? No.

Character appearance-

Character age- 16

History ect )
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